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When North Korea came to New Zealand

Kim Jong-un would be proud of it. A bill which establishes a State-ordained ideology, empowers activists to enforce the ideology, and threatens anyone who dares to resist with loss of livelihood and imprisonment. All of it introduced with classic doublespeak … Continue reading

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Faafoi doubles down on doublespeak

How does threatening parents with jail encourage them to have “open and healthy discussion” with their children on sexuality and gender? Minister Kris Faafoi needs to tell us. Because he keeps repeating it. Faafoi tells us this is the real … Continue reading

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Hate speech law – intimidation legalised

And so it begins. The all-out assault on Truth in our nation. In the same week that the New Zealand Olympic Committee selected a man to compete against women, our Government outlined its plans to criminalise anyone who dares to … Continue reading

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Politics and schools don’t mix?

On Tuesday this week, Act MP David Seymour addressed the school assembly at Auckland Grammar. Among other things, he promoted his euthanasia legislation to the students. On Wednesday, news arose of Catholic schools providing information to students and parents outlining … Continue reading

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Children’s Commissioner promoting ideology not well-being

According to Children’s Commissioner, one of the keys for the Government’s proposed new strategy on child well-being is ensuring its serves all children – including those of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity. Having a stable family life with a … Continue reading

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