Politics and schools don’t mix?

On Tuesday this week, Act MP David Seymour addressed the school assembly at Auckland Grammar. Among other things, he promoted his euthanasia legislation to the students.

On Wednesday, news arose of Catholic schools providing information to students and parents outlining the risks of that legislation, and of legalising cannabis. Seymour promptly responded that the education system  should be politically neutral and “it was inappropriate for schools to get involved in a partisan way” (NZ Herald). Apparently politics and schools don’t mix – unless you are the Act Party leader.

Of course such blindness to the contradiction in one’s own position is not restricted to MPs like David Seymour. Many in our governing bureaucracy are equally optically challenged.

The Ministry of Education also weighed in on the Catholic schools “controversy” this week. Deputy Secretary Katrina Casey noted that integrated religious schools are Crown entities just like state schools. As such they “are required to be politically neutral.” However only the day prior, the Ministry had issued new sexuality education and relationships guidelines which stated that schools needed to,

Allow their students freedom of expression in relation to their gender identities and sexual orientation, including the right to determine their own identity and name.

Include content on the diversity of sex characteristics, sexuality, and gender identities in their curriculum programmes.

So when did the political ideology of gender confusion become scientifically accepted truth which must be enforced in our schools? This week apparently. The same week the Ministry of Education is lecturing integrated Catholic schools on the need to be politically neutral.

Such is the hubris of the social liberals who now dominate our political and bureaucratic establishment. They cannot see the hypocrisy of their positions. They simply assume that their particular worldview and the deluded ideas which often arise from it are somehow “neutral”. However alternative viewpoints which challenge their belief framework are “political speech” which must be kept out of our schools. Go figure!

Ewen McQueen
September 2020


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3 Responses to Politics and schools don’t mix?

  1. chrisoman says:

    Hi Ewen

    Are we able to share on the right to life we site and FB?


    Chris O’Brien


  2. martab@xtra.co.nz says:

    Well said Ewen! More people need to hear what you have to say.



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