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The Abortion Funding Conscience Act

It’s not law yet. But it should be. It’s the Abortion Funding Conscience Act. Any MP in our Parliament could submit it as a members bill. Indeed any political party that values freedom of conscience could introduce such a bill. … Continue reading

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Abortion – the Budget’s hidden figures

The New Zealand taxpayer picks up the tab for 13,000 abortions annually. It costs around $20million. However you won’t find it identified anywhere in today’s Budget. It’s well hidden in the Vote Health appropriation. That’s the way our politicians like … Continue reading

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Mental health – our national delusion

Family dysfunction and relationship breakdown are key drivers of suicide in New Zealand. Yet the Government’s latest suicide prevention strategy doesn’t even mention them. Instead there is the usual sophisticated bureaucratic waffle and nice framework diagrams that mean nothing and … Continue reading

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The hypocritical rush to repeal blasphemy law

The rush by some politicians to abandon our blasphemy laws is remarkable. It only came up as a minor issue in Ireland yesterday and by 3pm today Act Leader David Seymour was seeking Parliament’s repeal of the New Zealand blasphemy … Continue reading

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Family values cheaper than “social investment”

The PM would find investing in family values a lot cheaper than his much vaunted “social investment” approach. A values approach would also be more effective. Today another $321 million was budgeted for “investment” into programmes to help pick up … Continue reading

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English utterly unconvincing on housing

Prime Minister Bill English today told us that our housing affordability crisis “is fundamentally a product of poorly-directed…views about the environment”. He is simply wrong, utterly unconvincing and has his head firmly in the sand. Aucklanders know what has driven … Continue reading

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Euthanasia rejected – 10 to 1

The euthanasia lobby trumpeted the huge number of submissions to Health Select Committee on their petition seeking to legalise “assisted dying” in New Zealand. They said this showed we needed change. However at the Committee hearing this afternoon some of … Continue reading

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