RenewNZ is the personal blog of Ewen McQueen. It is aimed at stimulating thoughtful and considered debate around some of the key issues facing our nation – issues that need to be addressed if we are to see cultural, economic and spiritual renewal in New Zealand.

Since being established in 2012 it has had thousands of views and interest continues to grow. Viewers are predominantly in New Zealand however people from 56 countries around the world have also logged in. Viewers have come from nations as diverse as Israel, Greece, Chile, the UK and USA.

I welcome feedback and comments from all viewers. Because of this there will be comments on this site which do not necessarily reflect my views. However in the interests of free discussion I allow such comments provided they are expressed respectfully and make a genuine attempt at dealing with the issues in a reasoned and intelligent manner. Concise comments are encouraged.

I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that do not meet this standard. I also reserve the right to have the last word on any item. It is my blog after all….

Ewen McQueen
July 2015

1 Response to About

  1. Christine Barnes says:

    Dear Mr McQueen,
    Thank you for your article in the Herald today (1/6/16) It is refreshing to have someone in the media who will talk about the elephant in the room. Keep up the important work you are doing.
    Christine Barnes


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