Winston pathetic on ISIS

Winston Peters shouldn’t bother turning up at an ANZAC Day parade again. His statement today that New Zealand should not provide any help in fighting ISIS because it might make us a target for terrorist attacks was pathetic. It was an insult to the courage of New Zealanders who have sacrificed their lives in the fight against evil and unjust regimes over the last century.

ISIS is a barbaric movement that has turned hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians into refugees, fleeing mass murder and genocide. It has committed crimes against humanity on a massive scale. It does so with impunity and without any qualms or any attempt to hide its cruelty. Instead it glories in its beheadings and death culture.

If New Zealand won’t fight ISIS – it won’t fight anyone.

Unfortunately there are too many New Zealanders who like Peters would rather we keep our heads down and let others do the dirty work. Thankfully our Prime Minister is  not one of them. Key is considering the options and said today that the Government of New Zealand would not have its strategy or decisions dictated to by the fear of ISIS. Good on him.

Ewen McQueen
October 2014

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2 Responses to Winston pathetic on ISIS

  1. mobfiz says:

    I note too Ewan, that ISIS sympathisers are mounting an anti Tony Abbott demonstration in NSW tomorrow. The reaction of the media and the Australian general public will be very significant. The stand against ISIS could be the most significant issue for a generation.


  2. Tim Smith says:

    New Zealanders who don’t believe in their particularly warped version of Islam are already a target. Wake up New Zealand! We are already in their sights as enemies of Islam. We need to stand against evil whereever it is and whatever the consequences. They are already in our midst and at if taking a stand, will get them out of their hidey holes. It will allow the authorities to target them and bring them to justice.


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