March for Life good – Politics for Life better

I joined the March for Life in Wellington last Saturday and was thankful for the opportunity to affirm the sanctity of human life in New Zealand. However whilst the march was great – what this country urgently needs is politics for life.

It was wonderful to see the event strongly supported. Over 2,000 people took a positive and multi-cultural message to Parliament about the need to protect all kiwi children. They had come from all over the nation to be there. There were several great speeches including from Simon O’Connor and Alfred Ngaro. Both of these National MPs spoke well and with undoubted sincerity. The problem is the party they represent will never do anything about this issue. Not only this, it will do its best to make sure they too don’t rock the boat.

Having spent the last decade in the National Party I am well aware of the strong internal culture of risk avoidance on controversial moral issues. It’s not just that the party does not have a policy on abortion – there is a deep-seated expectation that anyone who does have a view should keep it entirely to themselves. MPs may be pro-life but they are there representing the party – so they better not do anything that is not “on-message” with where the party machine is going.

As for the Labour Party, abortion liberalisation is part of its platform. Hence as predicted pre-election, that’s exactly where it’s headed. If there is such a thing as a pro-life MP in that party they certainly won’t be raising their head any time soon. The Greens are of course eager to save the whole planet except for children in the womb. And NZ First whilst not necessarily so keen, will maintain confidence in the Government and keep this agenda rolling.

If we are to ever see a pro-life agenda in our Parliament there is only one solution – a political party which includes respect for life as an integral part of its wider platform. Such a party would not just resist the current moves to complete liberalisation. It would pro-actively seek to implement a programme of incremental steps to affirm life. Informed consent, ring-fenced funding voted on by Parliament, facilitating adoption, reviewing the grounds for abortion – these could all be steps on a journey to ultimate protection for our unborn children.

Of course some will say we need cultural change not just politics. That is true. However political leadership is always a huge part of achieving cultural change. That leadership won’t come from within New Zealand’s existing political parties. It could come from something new…

Ewen McQueen
December 2018

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Time to break Wellington’s code of silence

It is an unwritten rule among the media and political elites in Wellington that MPs’ private lives are off limit. So last week when there was a threat to expose the “bed-hopping” behaviour of many of our leaders there was a tone of near panic among the establishment. MPs and journalists alike much prefer the code of silence that keeps the rest of us in the dark.

We are told the reason for the secrecy is to protect MPs’ families. It is a reason that appears noble but which is merely self-serving. Of course no one wants innocent family members to suffer the embarrassment of public scandal. However MPs who are unfaithful to their spouses have already severely harmed their families. Maintaining silence on their actions simply allows such behaviour to continue and be perpetuated. Indeed the secrecy on these matters in Wellington facilitates the dishonesty which allows such sleaze to flourish. Establishing a culture of transparency and accountability, and expecting high personal integrity from our leaders would in the long run be far more effective at truly protecting MPs’ families.

The code of silence also insults the public of New Zealand who have a right to know the true character of the people they are being asked to vote for. Many of the  electors in Botany will no doubt have a very different view this week of the integrity and suitability of the MP they previously voted for. The Wellington establishment arrogantly assumes we have no need to know and such matters are not relevant to public life. This is a lie. Those who act dishonourably with those closest to them can hardly be trusted as noble servants of the public good.

None of which is to say that we should expect our leaders to be perfect. None of us are. Neither does it mean we should rule out candidates who know they have made mistakes in life. This is not about casting stones. It is about casting a vision for our people of what is truly noble, honourable and good. It is also about affirming those values which are critical to the wellbeing of our nation. If we want to rebuild strong family life in New Zealand it needs to start at the top.

Ewen McQueen
October 2018

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Hon Simon Bridges disappoints

Last Friday I attended Family First’s 2018 Forum on the Family. It was an excellent day well attended by around 300 people from all over New Zealand. There were great speakers on some key issues. However perhaps the most enlightening moment was hearing the Hon Simon Bridges interviewed. It was a major disappointment.

Bridges is a churchgoer with who ostensibly holds personally to Judeo-Christian values. However he clearly has little understanding of how important those values are to our culture and society. He has bought into the falsehood that such values are a purely private matter and not something he should bring into the public square. Hence when asked whether he considered the institution of marriage should be upheld in public policy he  answered that it was not the role of government to tell people how they should live. The idea that nearly all social policy is normative and projects a vision and ideal of how we should live seems lost on him.

The institution of marriage is foundational to the good society. It is the rejection of this institution (apart from efforts to redefine it) over the last half century which has caused untold suffering and harm to the welfare of our people. How has Simon Bridges not understood this? Has the delusion of politics being purely about the economy blinded him to the reality of what is happening to our children?

On other family values topics Bridges was equally uninformed, evasive and  disappointing. Issues were “complex”, New Zealand had “moved on” and according to Bridges no-one was even raising these matters on his regional roadshow. The last comment perhaps cut to the core of the issue. True leadership addresses the real issues that are key to the well being of our people. It doesn’t simply massage itself around the noise of public opinion.

We won’t see true leadership from the National Party under the Hon Simon Bridges. I’m glad I left. It is definitely time for something new.

Ewen McQueen
July 2018

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Its time for new things in NZ politics

It is time for new things in New Zealand politics. There is an urgent need for leadership on the key family values issues that are foundational to the wellbeing of our children and the welfare of the people of New Zealand. No such leadership currently exists in our Parliament. I have concluded that such leadership is not going to come via the National Party. Hence after ten years of membership I have moved on.

It was with some sadness that I bid farewell to the local branch of the Epsom electorate committee. The Eden-Epsom members have always been respectful and supportive however even they knew that the conclusion I had come to was unfortunately true. In the wider party there is no appetite for anything other than business-as-usual politics. You can talk about the economy and perhaps some social policies to try and pick up the pieces of our broken families – but never address the root causes. That is far too controversial and risks rocking the boat.

Of course there a number of Christians and social conservatives in the National caucus, apparently even its leader counted among them. However the party offers no mandate for their views. Its ethos is increasingly socially liberal in reflection of the wider culture in New Zealand. And yet it is this very culture which is the problem.

Our Parliament needs a voice which will speak to this. After ten years and four unsuccessful attempts at candidate selection, I know that voice will not be heard from National. It’s time for something new.

Ewen McQueen
June 2018

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Children’s Commissioner promoting ideology not well-being

According to Children’s Commissioner, one of the keys for the Government’s proposed new strategy on child well-being is ensuring its serves all children – including those of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity. Having a stable family life with a mum and dad doesn’t rate a mention

Such is the tenor of their new report “Building Blocks” which outlines our progress in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Not surprisingly the report also references “rights” 150 times in its 32 pages. Apparently a “rights based approach” is critical to ensuring the future well-being of our children. As well as affirming their sexual orientation and gender identity,  this includes consulting with them on how policy should be developed.

This nonsense would be laughable if it wasn’t so seriously and earnestly pursued by the liberal political/bureaucratic establishment in our country. It abandons our children to a sea of ideological confusion about who they are and what they really need, and then asks them to please advise how we should proceed! It is a complete abdication of the responsibility we have as adults to provide guidance and protection for our children.

There is no excuse for this. We know the key determinants in producing good and bad outcomes for our children. It is all well researched and documented – including in previous reports by the Children’s Commissioner. For instance at the 1997 Symposium on Family Violence the then Commissioner Laurie O’Reilly stated,

“As society I suggest we need to urgently re-assess our attitude to marriage. For some time, social scientists have promoted the concept that divorce and fatherlessness are the better and more feasible options for children when there is serious disharmony in their families. It seems to me that research now points quite strongly to the view that the average child does worse not better after separation…. We continue to legitimate family break-up at our peril.”

For the sake of our children Laurie O’Reilly had the courage to say some things that weren’t fashionable. The current Commissioner should do likewise, rather than simply being a mouthpiece for an ideology than has not been a blessing to our children, and never will be.

Ewen McQueen
April 2018

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The maunga and the Cross

So the Easter cross and Christmas star have gone from Auckland’s Mt Roskill. For nearly 60 years Aucklanders have enjoyed the beauty of these wonderful symbols of our Judeo-Christian heritage calling from the summit of one of the maunga in the heart of our city…. No more shall it be.

To continue reading the full article published this week in Stuff Nation click here.

Ewen McQueen
April 2018

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Glad tidings of great joy for all people

This week at work I received a Happy Holidays card from a supplier. The sentiment was appreciated and I replied thanking them for their work during the year and wishing them a Merry Christmas. It was a large New Zealand company so I asked that they also pass on a brief message to their marketing and communications department.

Our Judeo-Christian cultural and spiritual heritage is precious. It is the foundation on which so much of what we enjoy today has been established. Freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and toleration of other faiths are not natural features of human society. However they have all arisen in countries where the Judeo-Christian faith, its worldview and its values have infused and moulded the culture for centuries.

In light of this why would you denigrate that heritage by actions which undermine the social significance of Christmas? Why would you join the efforts to make Christmas invisible?  The usual justification offered is that we must be cognisant of those of other faiths more recently arrived in New Zealand. Apparently celebrating our own heritage risks offending them and so we must be more inclusive – hence Happy Holidays.

However this rationale ignores the reality of the changes in our country. Many of those migrants who would purportedly be offended and feel excluded are themselves Christians. Our nation is now abounding with Christian Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese, Africans and Indians. Go to any New Zealand church on Sunday and you will meet them.

And migrants who are of other faiths are well aware they came to a country with a Judeo-Christian heritage. They are certainly aware of the all the benefits which that offers. That is no doubt why they came here. Most are probably perplexed, if not bemused, at the efforts of some Kiwis to “include” them by denying who we are.

Perhaps there is an even greater irony to the efforts to exclude Jesus Christ from this season. Christmas is inherently inclusive. As the angels declared to the shepherds in the fields that wonderful evening – Behold we bring you glad tidings of great joy which shall be for all people!

Ewen McQueen
December 2017

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Te reo Maori no cloak for secularism Mr Speaker

For nearly 170 years our Parliament has opened each session with a Christian prayer. Last week the new Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, unilaterally ditched it. Gone were references to both the Queen and Jesus Christ….

To continue reading the full article published this week in the NZ Herald click here.

Ewen McQueen
November 2017

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94 Child deaths – “diversity” isn’t working

Eight years – 94 child abuse deaths.  These were the numbers reported this week at the inquest into the violent death of three year old Moko in 2015. Family “diversity” isn’t working.

Little official attention will be paid to the the family background of these 94 child victims. However it is highly likely that most came from family situations which our socially liberal establishment likes to describe as “diverse” or “fluid”.  The Government’s 2011 Green Paper on Vulnerable Children took this approach. Its primary outcome has been a new Ministry tasked with better co-ordination of social workers and agencies responsible for intervening to protect “at-risk” children.

The Ministry may well be necessary to deal with existing problems. However to reduce the number of “at risk” children in future generations we need to find the moral courage and intellectual honesty to face the truth about what is driving this crisis.

As I noted at the time in my Green Paper submission the research is very clear that the move away from married two parent families is one of the the primary causes of increased child abuse and neglect. The evidence from New Zealand was also clear. Of the 23 child deaths in the three years before that submission, 17 involved an adult who was not biologically related to the child – primarily mum’s boyfriend. That’s nearly 75%.

No doubt the same would be found for the 94 child deaths reported this week. It is now five years since the Green Paper discussions. We have a new Ministry but we still have an establishment in denial. Diversity isn’t working.

Ewen McQueen
October 2017

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The real election “hole” – family values

During the election campaign much was made of the apparent “hole” in one party’s fiscal plan. However the real hole was elsewhere – the total lack of attention given to the values that build strong families. Any discussion of this critical issue for our nation was completely missing from debate.

Of course there was plenty of discussion on the problems that have arisen from our broken families – mental health issues, poverty, vulnerable children. However none of it addressed the underlying driver. Instead the debate focused on how much money each party would spend picking up the pieces. Apparently if we just spend more money all will be well. Labour promised a lot more money spent in general on mental health services. National promised more targeted “social investment”.

To deal with immediate problems both may be right. However ultimately a social worker can never replace a father, and a mental health worker can never replace a mother. The most important thing we can do for future generations of New Zealanders is to rebuild strong family life. And that requires being willing to deal with hard issues around which values make for strong families – and which do not.

Sadly none of our current political parties are willing to do that. So the issue remains steadfastly avoided. It is ironic that for a campaign widely considered to be the most interesting and exciting for a long time – the most important issue for our nation never appeared.

Ewen McQueen
September 2017

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