Its time for new things in NZ politics

It is time for new things in New Zealand politics. There is an urgent need for leadership on the key family values issues that are foundational to the wellbeing of our children and the welfare of the people of New Zealand. No such leadership currently exists in our Parliament. I have concluded that such leadership is not going to come via the National Party. Hence after ten years of membership I have moved on.

It was with some sadness that I bid farewell to the local branch of the Epsom electorate committee. The Eden-Epsom members have always been respectful and supportive however even they knew that the conclusion I had come to was unfortunately true. In the wider party there is no appetite for anything other than business-as-usual politics. You can talk about the economy and perhaps some social policies to try and pick up the pieces of our broken families – but never address the root causes. That is far too controversial and risks rocking the boat.

Of course there a number of Christians and social conservatives in the National caucus, apparently even its leader counted among them. However the party offers no mandate for their views. Its ethos is increasingly socially liberal in reflection of the wider culture in New Zealand. And yet it is this very culture which is the problem.

Our Parliament needs a voice which will speak to this. After ten years and four unsuccessful attempts at candidate selection, I know that voice will not be heard from National. It’s time for something new.

Ewen McQueen
June 2018

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4 Responses to Its time for new things in NZ politics

  1. Fiona says:

    I hear you & feel the same. Which party does represent me? None that I can identify.


  2. Right to Life - Ken says:

    Dear Ewan

    I agree with everything you say. We have a birth rate below replacement level of 1.81, we are facing a demographic Winter and Parliament and the government refuse to address this critical issue. As a nation we have made a collective decision to commit demographic suicide. We need to have a national discussion to address the issue of why many of the current generation have decided not to produce the next generation, God bless.

    Kind regards
    Ken Orr
    Right to Life


    • Ewen McQueen says:

      Hi Ken
      Yes no party currently in Parliament will ever address pro-life issues – unless it is the social liberals who want to push further liberalisation. Conservatives will keep their heads down as usual. Time for a change.


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