The maunga and the Cross

So the Easter cross and Christmas star have gone from Auckland’s Mt Roskill. For nearly 60 years Aucklanders have enjoyed the beauty of these wonderful symbols of our Judeo-Christian heritage calling from the summit of one of the maunga in the heart of our city…. No more shall it be.

To continue reading the full article published this week in Stuff Nation click here.

Ewen McQueen
April 2018

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2 Responses to The maunga and the Cross

  1. Tim Campbell says:

    Easter coincides with the Passover, maybe there were other pagan festivals that Easter has absorbed partly, but it’s very clearly based at the same time as Passover. As for the removal of the dream catcher, i don’t care either way, but surely if enough people did care that should come into consideration?


  2. Ewen McQueen says:

    Hi Tim
    A lot of people do care and are very disappointed that something they see as precious is simply taken away without any consideration of their views and values.


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