PM’s wrath well deserved

Prime Minister KeyJohn Key’s anger in Parliament yesterday seems to have taken the Opposition by surprise. Perhaps they mistook his long consideration of the Iraq deployment as an indication that he didn’t really have his heart in it. How wrong they were. Key had conviction in bucket-loads and it was utterly refreshing to see it.

Every other party leader in Parliament (including his own coalition partners) trotted out lame reasons as to why New Zealand should avoid playing its part as a responsible member of the international community. Their limp political posturing was worthy of Prime Ministerial wrath.

Feeding off and encouraging New Zealanders inherent apathy is something the Opposition should be ashamed of. They know too well that as a nation we are difficult to rouse about any political issue – especially those beyond our borders. Sometimes that part of our national personality can be a strength. However in the face of the barbarity and global security threat posed by ISIS it is something we need to get over. Having some of our politicians massage it along for their own political purposes is pathetic.

And this is really what led to Key’s anger. He could not stomach that Parliaments all over the world had united across party lines to stand against ISIS – and yet in New Zealand he couldn’t even rouse his own coalition partners to do the right thing.

The Prime Minster’s anger was well deserved. It was a redeeming feature on a day that our Parliament would otherwise have sullied our international reputation. It also helped remind New Zealanders that there are some things other than sport which are worth getting passionate about.

Ewen McQueen
February 2015

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2 Responses to PM’s wrath well deserved

  1. John says:

    Well said Ewen


  2. Rebekah Rirkopata says:

    ‘ a people who stand for something, will always win over a people who stand for everything”
    rebekah ririkopata

    At the highest levels of our secular liberal society in which ‘tolerance’ is a quasicentric value, there comes forth an astounding ‘meism’. How hard can defending the rights of people to live in peace with regard to their freedom to choose and have choices that require civility and democratic governance be ? When issues arise that violate the sanctity of human life, we need to have the ability to defend and protect those rights. At the gates of Western Democracy, lays a moral vacumn. War is as much about morality as is peace. We have freedom and enjoy the fruits of peace in this country through a Christian ethos which operates to harbour the disinfranchised, the refugees and slaves of corrupt and violent regimes, who seek only to control absolutely. Moral dysfunction is at the heart of a civil society’s collapse. So stand up New Zealand for something.


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