A doctor with courage

When the Southern DHB decided to start undertaking abortions at Southland Hospital in Invercargill they didn’t expect resistance from their own staff. However last week senior paediatrician Dr Vili Sotutu tendered his resignation over the matter and other doctors at the hospital were also reportedly unhappy (Fairfax NZ News Stuff.co.nz 04.08.12).

Thankfully his resignation was not accepted. The health system needs more staff with his courage. Doctors, nurses and managers who reject the notion that taking human life should simply be accepted as a normal part of their job.

The Southern DHB clearly doesn’t see listening to its community as part of its job on this matter. Over 200 people turned up at a meeting in June to oppose the move. Board members were invited but did not attend.

Ewen McQueen
August 2012

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