A hero worthy of wider recognition

Major Geoffrey Faraday

Major Geoffrey Faraday

The New Zealand media hardly noticed it. But last week a true hero was recognised by the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace. The New Zealand Gallantry Star was awarded to Major Geoffrey Faraday of the Royal New Zealand Army Corps.

Major Faraday was working with the United Nations mission in South Sudan in 2014. At one point whilst protecting a UN refugee camp of 5,000 he personally intervened (unarmed) to try and hold back a machete wielding mob of hundreds that went on to kill 53 people. He then called in reinforcements who arrived quickly to stop further bloodshed.

On the same mission whilst accompanying a convoy of barges delivering aid up the White Nile his team came under attack from an ambush on the riverbank. In the ensuing four hour battle Faraday led his colleagues in a fight back that saw the situation brought under control without loss. You can read more detail here.

Major Faraday showed initiative, leadership, and outstanding courage in extreme danger. He put his life on the line in the cause of protecting the vulnerable. He is a true New Zealand hero who has done our country proud. He deserves much more recognition than the coverage he has received so far.

Ewen McQueen
June 2016

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