Sir Paul honest about death

Paul HolmesSir Paul Holmes had an endearing honesty which stayed with him to his last days. In his final interview a frail Holmes admitted he was scared of death and what lay “beyond the hill far away”.

His honesty was refreshing. It was also challenging to a society where to admit existential fear is dismissed as weakness and death is often  trivialised by cliches  such as “its just a natural part of life”.

Death is not part of life any more than black is part of white. It is a cruel violation of the Spirit of Life which has been breathed into every one of us. Our hearts cry out for more, and as CS Lewis said – every human desire has its fulfillment. For thirst there is water. For hunger there is food. For our yearning heart and soul there is life eternal.

Sir Paul humbly admitted he would be spending his final days in prayerful contemplation and seeking peace with God. He wondered whether the balance on his ledger would see him right.

I’m sure he found his peace. For there is One who never turns away a humble seeker. He is not beyond the hill far away. He is near. And in the cross of Christ He has thrown the ledger away.

Ewen McQueen
February 2013

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