Key at his best – Campbell Live interview

Prime Minister John Key interview Campbell Live

Prime Minister John Key interview Campbell Live

The Prime Minister’s interview on Campbell Live last Monday showed him at his best. It was a relaxed and thoughtful John Key finally being given the space to speak with some depth, rather than the usual campaign slogans and sound-bites.

After his historic election victory it was good to hear Key talking about child poverty and saying he would be making this a focus for his advisors. John Campbell questioned if he really was concerned about the less well off as they were not his constituency. Key graciously replied that he thought the million New Zealanders who voted for National did in fact care about their fellow Kiwis. It went unstated that he himself also cared.

And it is clear that Key does. He has not governed as a right wing ideologue but has instead led his team on a sensible path, through difficult times. In the face of a crashing economy he avoided a slash and burn approach to govt spending that would have led to huge social dislocation and shrunk the economy even further. Instead it was a steady path that protected support for the less well-off whilst carefully managing the budget back to a surplus.

The Prime Minister is a people person, backed by a capable and competent team. They don’t philosophize about social justice. They just get things done and people are better off. That’s why New Zealanders voted them back in with an increased majority – something unprecedented for a government entering its third term.

Ewen McQueen
September 2014

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8 Responses to Key at his best – Campbell Live interview

  1. Well put Ewen. There is a real feeling of trust towards John Key and his team – and a similar negative perception re David Cunliffe. The guy just looks and sounds insincere. Then…add the poisonous Kim Dotcom brand and you have no contest whatsoever.
    The most interesting contest is between the Greens and Labour – and I think it’s one that only Labour can win. They are the party with established socialist credentials.The greens are phony’s – and the environment is a thin smoke screen. I think the voters have worked it out. So much for the self-appointed “progressive” label.

  2. Malcolm McQueen says:

    Not sure how holding a referendum on a flag will help address child poverty but the debate it’ll create will certainly take his supporters minds off the topic. The flag thing’s much more palatable. Obviously sound bites are still important. Perhaps he could give some more money to Team New Zealand. The state broadcaster did a pretty good job at selling that to us last time. We love our sports in New Zealand – our kids yeah naaa.

    • mobfiz says:

      “Not sure how holding a referendum on a flag will help address child poverty but the debate it’ll create will certainly take his supporters minds off the topic.”

      What exactly are you saying about John Key’s supporters Malcolm ?

      • Malcolm McQueen says:

        That perhaps their priorities are different to mine. That they are happy with the state of the nation and the direction it’s taking – me not so much. That like Ewen they’re entitled to their opinion but I don’t have to agree with it or for that matter like it. That they prefer their tax to be spent on some things I feel in the greater scheme of things are unimportant.

    • Ewen McQueen says:

      Hi Malc

      I think you need to get a bit of perspective. Lets just name three things done by the Nats for children in less well off homes:

      1) Free GP visits and prescriptions extended to under 13 year olds (used to be only 6 years old – again introduced by the Nats)
      2) Kick-start Breakfast – partnering with Fonterra, Sanitarium and 730 schools to provide 95,000 breakfasts per week
      3) Insulation of 300,000 low income homes

      Of course this is all on top of the billions spent annually on public health, education and welfare – all of which the current Govt has maintained in spite of the largest economic crisis since the Depression.

      There are certainly more things that need to be done to deal with the root causes of child poverty (family break-down being a prime driver). However I don’t think you can dismiss the current government as not caring about children.


  3. Thanks Ewen

    I do have perspective. It’s just different from yours. Yes I agree the National government has made an effort to address child poverty. I also agree that they’ve handled the economic crisis well. You forgot to mention the Christchurch earthquake too and how they’ve had to cope with that. I just think they could do more. A referendum on our flag? I read something about Key wanting to leave a legacy. Wouldn’t eradicating child poverty be a good start?

    By the way you’ll notice I haven’t once mentioned Education. Hope you appreciated that.

    • Ewen McQueen says:

      Hi Malc
      Really grateful we didn’t get on to education !
      Eradicating child poverty would be a great legacy. But it will take more than any of the parties are offering. Mote about that in my next post maybe.

  4. Malcolm McQueen says:

    $26,000,000 for a referendum on a flag. Hmmmm….

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