Investigation into ending one’s life in NZ – Submission Ewen McQueen
Submission to Health Select Committee inquiry on euthanasia, 30 January 2016

Marriage Definition Bill – Submission Ewen McQueen
Submission on Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, 25 October 2012

Strong Families Thriving Children – Green Paper Submission
Submission on the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children, 27 February 2012

BSA – Campbell Live Euthanasia Story
Submission to Broadcasting Standards Authority, 19 June 2012

BSA – Campbell Live Euthanasia Story – Final Comment
Final submission to Broadcasting Standards Authority, 8 August 2012

6 Responses to Submissions

  1. Helen says:

    Ewan, I have signed up to receive your blogs which look very interesting. However, if I may state one thing which even you don’t seem to realise and that is –

    It gets very wearisome when people keep on referring to the ‘differences between the English and Maori texts’. I’m not sure how to get people to take on board that there is no difference if they use the correct English one? The Government have put an earlier English draft into legislation and this is what is causing the differentiation problems. The true final draft mentioned ‘and all the people of New Zealand’ and does not mention ‘Forests and Fisheries’ – the same as the Maori version but unlike the earlier draft currently in legislation!!

    The Maori text is the only one that matters but if anyone wants to know what it says they should refer to the final English draft which is otherwise known as ‘the Littlewood Treaty’ (only discovered in 1989 after having been ‘lost’ since 1840 but actually having been in safe keeping with the Littlewood papers hence its nickname) to differentiate between the many other English texts that are floating around including the incorrect one in legislation. If only we could get this cleared up there would be no more need to mention ‘differences between the English and Maori texts’. There aren’t any.

    The invented Principles of the Treaty since 1987 are just a myth and if they were dispensed with everything that is happening today and costing our country billions in false settlements would be seen for what it is – fraudulent.

    • Ewen McQueen says:

      Hi Helen
      Not sure which blog entry you are responding to as your comment is on the Submissions page ? Anyway – yes I am aware of (and have read) the Littlewood version of the Treaty. There is of course debate about its standing. However even if it is the original English version I am not sure it changes much. It still holds the essence of the Treaty – Maori acceptance of Crown sovereignty in return for a guarantee of protection for their interests in land and property. Most Treaty settlements relate to genuine breaches of this specific guarantee, not the vague principles invented in 1987.

  2. G. Graham says:

    Due to overarching propaganda so many are unaware of NZ’s true history, found in “The Realms of King Tawhiao”, by Dick Craig. Available on order.

    The mythical English Treaty states “Done at Waitangi on 06-02-1840”, wasn’t written until March 1840 and was signed in the Waikato in April of 1840. All equating to a mythical document.

    The Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and Waitangi Tribunal were founded on this mythical document alone. The Treaty of Waitangi Act 1985 and the Principles of the Treaty both incorporate this myth.

    Anything founded upon a myth remains a myth, i.e. all of the above plus everything they stand for such as settlements and privileges.

    During both the chiefs 1840 pre-Treaty speeches and the 1860 Kohimarama Conference it can be decidedly proven all chiefs; whether they signed or did not sign, agreed or disagreed; the overriding evidence confirmed “the Queen’s sovereignty and authority would prevail”.

    Previous name for the politically correct “Land Wars” was “The Maori Wars for Sovereignty” (M.W.S.). Prior to Sth. Taranaki Ruanui Maoris starting this war in 1853 the NZ Co. had paid Taranakis 3 times and Government to Waikatos once for Taranaki, settler purchases thereafter made 5.

    Of the 300,000 acres bought by the NZ Co. 296,500 acres was confiscated by Governor Fitzroy and after the M.W.S Government backed Taranakis in confiscating the 3,500 acres left, except New Plymouth, where the innocent settlers were holed up in dreadful depravation for 7 years until Government changed sides to prevent their declared extermination.

    Waikatos crossed the Maungatawhiri stream in 1860, 3 years before Government troops, and advanced to within 40 miles of Auckland with their pronounced intention “Neither man, woman nor child will be spared.

    Maoris murdered, confiscated legally purchased land, destroyed buildings, stole livestock and confirmed genocide to all surviving settlers and are once more supported by present governments who lavish apologies, $millions, land, buildings, fish, forests (both in the mythical document) and exclusive privilege at the taxpayers expense.

    After the M.W.S. Governor Grey continued to uphold Governor Fitzroy’s confiscation of Taranaki settlers lands, forcing them to pay 8 to 10 time more if they wanted to return to what they previously held legal title to.

    • Ewen McQueen says:

      Hi Graham
      Not sure which of my blogs you are commenting on, as your comment is on my Submissions page ?
      I will have a look at “The Realms of King Tawhaio”. However I suggest you go through some of the original historical documents which are first-hand and are very clear about the dates of the Treaty signing. The NZ Electronic Text Centre (NZETC) at Victoria University is a great source in this regard. William Colenso’s notes can be found there.
      I agree that the speeches at Waitangi make clear that the sovereignty of the Crown was accepted by Maori (refer “One Sun in the Sky” on my Articles page). However it is also clear that guarantees were made in regard to protection of Maori interests of land and in many instances these have not been honoured – hence the settlement process. It isn’t a perfect process. But is addressing real injustice.

      • G. Graham says:

        Hi Ewen,
        Apologies for commenting on your wrong page, I do not know of another.

        Read the authenticated history in my above article and you will see it was the Taranakis and the Kingites, whom the Taranakis later joined, that initiated the Maori Wars for Sovereignty (now P.C. Land Wars).

        The Waitangi Tribunal (founded solely on the mythical English Treaty which states it was “Done at Waitangi on 06-02-1840”, wasn’t written until March and signed in the Waikato in April 1840) has a directive to commence claims research from the moment Government troops fired the first shot, therefore, Maori blame is transferred to the Govt. in a dubious claims process.

        The apartheid Waitangi Tribunal have a policy of no oath and no cross examination such as a proper Count of law, nor does it permit appeal by non-Maori. It can, therefore, ignore NZ’s true history.

        Before New Zealand broke ties with Britain by signing the “Statute of Westminster” in 1947, Britain did its best to fully and finally settle outstanding Maori claims. These same claims have been revisited again & again & fully and finally settled many times over prior to the dubious founding of and suspicious settlements made by the Waitangi Tribunal.

        A past Chairman of the Tribunal, Chief Judge Eddie Durie, admitted in the New Zealand Herald dated the 17 November 1999 that “researchers fabricate and modify evidence, omit evidence not helpful to their claim and in some cases, were not paid unless they change their research to support the claim”.

        Sir Apirana Ngata, Minister of Native Affairs, M.A, Ll.B, Lit.D, stated in his book, “The Treaty of Waitangi – An Explanation”, in 1922, “The chiefs placed in the hands of the Queen of England, the Sovereignty and authority to make laws. Some sections of the Maori people violated that authority, war arose and blood was spilled. The law came into operation and land was taken in payment. It was their chiefs who ceded that right to the Queen. The confiscations cannot therefore be objected to in the light of the Treaty”.

        As you can see, Sir Apirana Ngata agrees with the true history I wrote above and might have your readers wondering, “Why are our tax dollars being abused?”

        Maoris as a whole are now approximately $40 billion in the blue, Government (the taxpayers) are $10 billion in debt.

        Mainstream media remain silent.

        Thank you for this opportunity,
        G. Graham

  3. Helen says:

    Many thanks, Ewen. I’ve responded on the Tainui thread which is where I should have been all along. Sorry about that.

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