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National identity more than a brand

Lets keep the current New Zealand flag. When the alternatives appeared I was for a brief moment open to change. But any appeal they had due to be being fresh and new has quickly faded.  With the passage of only a … Continue reading

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Taranaki Settlement – another quiet step forward

Whilst the New Zealand media worked themselves into a frenzy last week over the refugee situation in Europe, they largely missed another major step forward in the Treaty settlement journey. On Saturday, Taranaki Iwi and the Crown signed a deed … Continue reading

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Why is the Prime Minister a social liberal ?

At a function I attended this week the Prime Minister described himself as a social liberal. The next day the NZ Herald reported a man had been charged with murdering a six month old Raumati toddler in July. It noted … Continue reading

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Domestic violence law review will change little

Another discussion paper, another waste of time. If the Minister of Justice is as concerned about family violence as she claims, she should face the inconvenient truth – our casualised relationship culture is not working. Then she should sit down with her … Continue reading

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Honour a long way from home

We pulled into the supermarket in a coastal village in southern Greece just as it was closing for the evening. The grandfather of the family business inquired where we were from. New Zealand we said. He immediately informed the rest of … Continue reading

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Eight steps to stabilising the Auckland housing market

The Reserve Bank has started ringing serious alarm bells about skyrocketing house prices in Auckland. They recently noted a real risk of a crash causing major economic instability. The Prime Minister’s response was to shrug his shoulders and say the … Continue reading

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An underground spiritual phenomenon

Whilst largely ignored by mainstream media, Easter remains New Zealand’s most celebrated spiritual event. Church attendance statistics tell us that this week well over half a million people across this nation will gather to celebrate the death and resurrection of … Continue reading

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